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I’m Sarah A. Hipps, a personal trainer and coach with a realistic plan to help you to your extraordinary life.

My history of athletics and training is varied and long, and has defined me as a trainer. From multiple sports to a full scholarship to play Division 1 Volleyball, recovering knee surgery and now an entrepreneur and personal trainer, I have personal experiences in all forms of training to help you achieve your absolute best fitness results.  Greatness doesn’t come from just the aesthetics, but exudes when the body and mind are working well together. I have overcome emotional deficits, motivational pitfalls, and confidence blocks and I want to use that journey to help you achieve your success!

I am deeply passionate about facilitating success in others and I want you to be the next person I team up with! Health encompasses every part of you, and with a coach that is tuned in to your individual needs and growth will create the biggest platform for your physical, mental, and emotional success. Realistic Fitness; start realistic, become extraordinary.

I Know Your Goals

Wherever you are in your journey, I’ve been there! From college athlete to out of shape to stage ready and now here at my best yet; your goals were once my goals.

There’s no better way to get someone to a destination, than making the journey yourself!


What People Are Saying

“When I first approached Sarah about helping me lose some extra weight and tone myself up again, I was slightly embarrassed. I have always been fit for the most part, and I worked out regularly up until recently. When it came down to it, I had some trouble losing the weight I’d put on, but Sarah was able to help me out, and then some. She created a comprehensive workout that was tailored to my goals as well as my time schedule, and she also expertly took into consideration my former injuries in order to ensure that I didn’t aggravate anything. She definitely motivated me to kick my own ass, and the results (after just one month of following the workouts she suggested for me as well as the diet she helped me to form) speak for themselves. I’ve lost twenty pounds so far, and I am already seeing baby abs – I couldn’t be happier, and I feel more energy too. I couldn’t have done this without Sarah providing me an extra push and an ear to hear me out. She’s a great trainer – and what impressed me most is that she was able to do this from Denver, while I was in Miami!” – Dave B.; 4 Week Program


“This is how much my body has changed in the last 4 months using Sarah’s programs. It is friggin’ insane!! Body by Sarah! Down 60lbs in 4 months and I have built so much muscle!!!” – Emily C., Full Time Businesswoman and Mother


“Sarah gave me the workout I was looking for and I am motivated to stay on track. She’s professional, fun to work with and the workout was creative and effective and anything but boring. I can’t wait to go to next week’s session!” – Diane C., Entrepreneur & Mother

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