The Hipps Training Method is a comprehensive style that strengthens your body, increases your mobility, and improves small muscle and unilateral strength all while pushing you to find your failure.

As a former collegiate athlete, the days I miss the most involved hours of practice, being drenched in sweat, and walking out of the gym feeling stronger, tired, and improved all at once. I’ve learned that feeling is one that many seek. 

Most that dive into intense and hardcore regimens leave out the mobility and unilateral strength work that is necessary to improve the body’s overall strength, capability, and long-term health.  My method addresses these, while making the training possible for any fitness level.

  • Intense, varied, athletic training for any level

  • Increases overall strength, mobility, and functionality

  • Hit the goals you want while being the athlete you are


It’s Here!

Ragnarok training has begun. Find the athlete in you.