Having Faith vs. Being Faithful

Being faithful to yourself is being actionable towards your goals. Having faith is being hopeful things will work out. Listen for my explanation and read below for the full transcript.


This is my first Instagram TV thing and I’m going to try to make sure I don’t ramble!

I was speaking with my mother last night and we were speaking about faith and our lives and where our lives may go and where they have been and it gave me insight into how I perceive my own journey and how I can voice that. So I really want to share that with you. For me, in the conversation, it had a lot to do with my faith in my God and where I believe God is leading me in my life. I recognize that not everyone has the same beliefs that I do so I was able to think about it and pick it apart and look at it based off of general life and places I am at, knowing where many others are at. Obviously I don’t have all of the answers because I am figuring everything out as I go, but this really resonated with me and I wanted to bring it to you.

There is a difference between having faith and being faithful. Quick analogy: you can have faith in your husband that he won’t cheat on you. But if he does, you divorce him (hopefully). You can be faithful to your husband by upholding your end. By doing everything you can to ensure the marriage works. One is kind of a hope and can end, and one is an action. So when I was thinking of the idea of having faith and being faithful, I recognize that a lot of people look at situations in their life with a “I have faith that this is going to work out.” When you phrase something like that, it gives it the potential that it may not. And that’s okay, and its kind of more of a hope, right? You’re going through a storm or there is a storm on the horizon and you say, “I have faith that the storm will pass,” or “I have faith that we will get through it,” but…people who are steadfast on their path; people who know what they are going after and know they will achieve what they are going after, they don’t say, “I have faith the storm will pass.” They say, “I know I will get through it - I am being faithful to myself and to my journey by pushing through this storm no matter how hard it gets.” Having faith is a hope and being faithful is an action. The difference between people who are successful and the difference between people who ultimately achieve more goals are people who understand that what they believe is correct for their lives - people who know that they are going to achieve a goal and that they are going through a process and it will turn out the way that they believe it will. And maybe it won’t look exactly like their vision but they know it will be better than it is now, those are people who are faithful to themselves. And having faith in yourself and being faithful to yourself are very different things - the same thing, a hope and an action - because when you say, “I have faith that my business will grow,” you’re saying I hope that this really does grow. But you’re saying it in a way that maybe doesn’t give you, especially, the idea and the knowledge that this is something that you know is going to happen. I have such a strong, strong belief that I am exactly where I’m supposed to be and I’m going to get where I’m supposed to be and everything is going to fall into place, when it does. I KNOW THIS. I know it like I’ve already seen it. So when times are difficult, when I’m lonely, when I’m financially insecure, when I am uncertain, when I’m navigating relationships or friendships or business relationships, I still know I’m doing the right thing. And I’m faithful to myself and I’m being faithful to the process by getting up everyday and reading, by getting up everyday and eating well, getting up everyday and going to the gym. I am faithful to myself above all else because I know that I’m in the right place and I have to do everything I can to get myself to where I’m supposed to go. For me, God will do the rest. Timing will do the rest. Opportunity will do the rest. People who have faith, they get up and they don’t necessarily eat healthy, they get up and they don’t necessarily go the gym, they get up and they don’t necessarily read because they just have faith that its just gonna work out.

So when I was having this conversation with my mom, I was coming at her a little aggressively with a lot of action. You have to go and meet people, you have to go and do this, you have to go, go, go. I have realized that I am in such a state of production and movement and progress and thats because of the fact that even though I can’t see everywhere that I am going and i’m not 100% sure of what the next steps are, I know I’m in the right place and I’m being faithful everyday by pushing against the storm knowing I’m going to get through.

I just wanted to bring that to you guys because it resonated with me and I hope it resonates with you. Keep being faithful to yourself and keep being faithful to the process whatever the end goal is and whatever the process is. Have a great day.